Commercial Drive Through Windows

With more than 72 years in the glass business, Schmidt’s Glass is a quality supplier to the drive thru window industry. Well-proven drive through window designs have been tweaked and trusted by the world’s top brands for decades.

Drive thru windows, also referred to as pass through windows, can be found on nearly any fast food restaurant, pharmacy window, or any other building offering “to go” or “drive through” services. However, although drive through windows may all look the same – they’re not. It’s important to invest in a quality Drive Through Window that will last. Otherwise it can cost a lot of money in the long run for service calls and repairs.

Schmidt’s Glass Drive-Through Windows Are Custom Built to Your Specifications and INCLUDE Installation!

Important Features:

  • Sliding windows use roller-bearing ingenuity – no wheels and no tracks. Result? More durability.
  • Inside of the window is stainless steel or aluminum counter space for effective customer service or condiments.
  • Schmidt’s construction will not corrode or be affected by the weather due to anodized aluminum extrusions, stainless steel hardware and tempered glass materials.
  • Drive-through windows are fully assembled, fully glazed and ready to install.

Flush Mount Installation: Window is installed flush with the exterior wall.

Bullet-resistant drive thru windows and drive thru drawers are useful in many different applications, including pharmacy drive-thru, bank and government transaction stations and more. Windows and drawers are customizable. Custom ordering is also available.