Residential Custom Glass Shower Doors

Ready to update your shower door or enclosure to keep up with your contemporary personality? Schmidt’s Glass will work together with you to create a modern appeal with sleek, clean lines that adds a touch of timeless style to your bathroom space.

Shower enclosures are the ‘room’ in which you take a shower. These enclosures generally consist of glass sides and a glass door. Schmidt’s Glass can create custom glass shower enclosures to fit ANY bathroom.

Long-lasting beauty can be displayed with your custom shower. Virtually any metal finish, shower door hardware, and type of glass can be combined to create your ideal bathroom feel and landscape. Schmidt’s Glass offers a complete line of frame-less sliding doors, swinging doors and semi frame-less doors.

Call Bill or Sean at 330-869-6602 to get answers to your questions about an easy to maintain, unique custom glass shower enclosure that reflects your personality!

Interested in Glass Block Windows?

Glass Block Windows - 44310

We do those too!